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J Sainsbury plc trading as Sainsbury's is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, with a 16.0% share of the supermarket sector. Founded in 1869, by John James Sainsbury with a shop in Drury Lane, London, the company became the largest retailer of groceries in 1922. In 1995, Tesco overtook Sainsbury's to become the market leader, and Asda became the second largest in 2003, demoting Sainsbury's to third place for most of the subsequent period until January 2014, when Sainsbury's regained second place. In April 2019, whilst awaiting to merge with Asda, Sainsbury's was again demoted into third place as their rival placed second.


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Graham Hobson says

"I have been sent from pillar to post by the triangle of companies involved. Compare the market claim the lack of points are down to Sainsbury’s. Nectar claim they have contacted Sainsbury’s who have said they don’t give points via third parties, however the offer made was for extra nectar points taken out last June. There were better deals priced better but the bonus nectar points made the Sainsbury’s offer better. At the moment the ball is in Sainsbury’s court as they are the only company not to respond, will never trust them again unless this is sorted."

Exempt says

"This company is despicable in their treatment of disabled people who are unable to wear a face mask. They are breaching the equality act 2010, and the government guidelines and are victimising people by demanding they prove their exemption. I urge anyone with a conscience to boycott this business."

Agnes says

"I would give you zero star if I could Iam a carrer to the old man ( over 75) who cant shop on his own - so we must shopping together - we were waiting in a long queque - when it was our turn - the guy in Sainsbury did not let us both in - saying that only one person is allowed - dont care about our explanations - I could not do the whole shopping for somebody else as I dont know what he would like to eat - and he needs to see it - otherwise - he would on his own buy 5 products as he dont know what to do and is confused (dementia) - also I would not left him on his own outside the shop. The staff was incredibly rude and unpleasant - and on the end we had to go to Waitrose - which was much futher away - and it was all unecessary trip for him. He was very annoyed about that experience and sad! I swear that I will never go back to any of you branches - even trough if that would be the last supermarket in the uk - I will never back to you - it was the most unfair horrible experience Iv ever had in my whole life - never any other shop treat me that way. We shopping every week in Tesco and Waitrose instead without any comments It was in May - and since then i never been in your markets and will never support you - sorry"

Anne Hunt says

"As a Journalist/Editor I've written a few articles about Covid-19 and public irresponsibility, but not enough! Today I refer to Cardiff and the Tier 4 rules and my own recent experience in your Queen Street store. Overworked police have closed down many rave and other parties in the general area so clearly irresponsibility hasn't ceased. Lately, Marcus Drakeford, First Minister, has commented about those who ignore Supermarket shopping rules, and the serious dangers of ignoring said rules. I recently completed a tour of the two Queen Street Mall Metro Supermarket outlets and while many 'younger Adult customers,' do wear masks - as required - I saw far too many still shopping with them around their necks. 'Not' over their noses or mouths. While mostly staff at Tesco's do challenge offenders, I saw no such thing at Sainsbury's. On pointing this out to their Day Manager, very quickly and in no uncertain terms, I was told to 'mind my own business' as they have their own instore policy? I was told to shop elsewhere. Legally, I questioned this? I rang a council member who said they'd check that store out. A letter to Sainsbury Head Office in London gained no sensible response. Once upon a time, before Covid, I shopped there at the same fairly large Metro outlet almost daily. Never again! I passed the word of my experience on to my local friends obviously. They have switched as well. I question whether Sainsbury's are aware of local laws on this matter - or are merely short staffed? Or, do individual Day Managers have the power to follow a Store policy - or their own (that's if the chap was telling me the truth, rather than being guided by local Tier 4 local rules?) or, in this particular case, did he just take umbrage at having a customer embarrass him? I have a feeling I will never really know. The media get sent around the Mulberry Bush frequently - granted - in some cases, deservedly so. Surely, even large Central Metro Supermarket's are riskier than larger ones for viral transmission? Smaller isles. Definitely the case in this branch. Cardiff does not have a low infection rate for a city of it's size, but while personally, I feel the softly, softly approach is un-productive, perhaps the local public can't handle more draconian measures and the local Assembly know it? After all. It was the 'Land of the Tudors' once!"

Angela says

"If you have any issues and have to complain you will not get any help. You will be dealt with by unhelpful, untrained, surly customer service staff who talk over you, raise their voice and make you feel like an inconvenience and an irritant. Even the budget supermarkets give better service than Sainsbury’s so use one of them instead!"

Laura Smith says

"On line delivery 12 hours before get told my Cadbury’s dairy milk is out of stock so they are sending whole nut. Called Sainsbury’s to ask them to put a different chocolate in pointing out they have substituted with a nut filled product & that was a dangerous thing to do. I asked if they could ask my local store to take the nut product out of my bag and put the slightly bigger dairy milk in or even galaxy. The women was unhelpful and told me no, i asked for a number to complain and she told me it wasn’t Sainsbury’s policy to let me complain about their policies, so I asked for. A number to complain about her attitude and she said it wasn’t Sainsbury’s policy to give out customer services number! I am so annoyed with this I won’t be using them again!"

JDL says

"Do not trust Sainsburys Central Folkestone. They do not offer a safe shopping experience at all - allowing unmasked individuals to enter their store unchallenged and wander around the shop. This is despite our town having one of the highest Covid rates in the UK. When I challenged them after they allowed an unmasked young man in to the self service check out cubicle next to mine, it was I who was made to feel in the wrong. I was insulted by a member of their staff and also sadly - their young manager could barely hide his contempt for me, or my complaint. I was told that if people claimed exemption from mask wearing then "there was nothing they could do." I was double masked as I am an official carer for my wife, who is extremely vulnerable. The security guard, who had not challenged the individual nor been in the vicinity of the incident or even on the shop floor, was suddenly 'hovering' menacingly behind me, as I was now the 'bad guy' for daring to question them, or object to their complete and utter disregard for the safety of their customers. DO NOT BELIEVE SAINSBURY'S LIE that they are putting safety first. In Tesco or Asda it feels safe and everyone has a mask on. In Sainsbury's this is just not the case. Moreover, if challenged they become defensive and even intimidating. When I called head office to complain I was actually told that my complaint would go back to the store, to be answered by the very people I was complaining about! There was no one in higher authority who was prepared to look at this or take any responsibility. Their attitude was also "there's nothing we can do." Sainsbury's claims are false. If you are in the vulnerable category - STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE."

Phill says

"As many other reviewers I have been unfairly discriminated against by the one shopper per trolley policy. It is an unnecessary and illogical policy which is not required by law. It discriminates against people with hidden disabilities. Multiple trolleys per household is taking up more space in the store and making it more difficult to practice social distancing. Sainsbury’s is the largest store in the town and this only one enforcing this policy. The security guards are dressed to look like police officers which is more illegal than what they are trying to stop. I was not given a chance to explain myself, not that I would want to. I will never shop at Sainsbury’s again, this is an disgusting way to treat people in the middle of a pandemic or any at time!"

Jonathan Stone says

"Moronic policy of only one adult in the store at one time. What they think they are achieving is beyond me. Semi-literate subhuman stopped us at the foot and said only my wife could go in. This whole two unmarked staff stood shoulder to shoulder chatting. Lousy store, lousy prices, average food and now silly policies. Shall not be back."

Customer says

"Dreadful service with Click And Collect. Finally got a slot with more than a week's waiting time. Placed the order, paid for the order but when I got there some of the order was missing. Someone else's order was with mine so they suggested I take that instead! Customer service on the phone were useless. Took more than 3 hours for a call back and all they could offer was that I go back to the store to buy what was missing. I am classes as clinically extremely vulnerable. I asked them to delivery the missing stuff. They said they couldn't because they'd already refunded me. I didn't ask for a refund, just the food for my meals this week. I will never use Sainsburys again"

Phil says

"If you ever go to Sainsburys in Blackheath West Midlands, don't expect service with a smile at the cigarette kiosk, the women who usually work on here are rude, have no manners and are unhelpful, I have experienced this many times and I usually just walk away incase I say something I regret, you have been warned!"

Linda Chandler says

"Sainsbury’s cancelled my delivery as I was ringing to find out why it was late. Payment taken this morning and refund will take 3 - 5 working days. Couldn’t offer me a priority slot for redelivery. When I asked her how she thought I could manage without food for another week, the very polite and icy cold customer services advisor told me to try another supermarket. So I did, they can deliver tomorrow ( I guess I was lucky). So long Sainsbury’s - I won’t be darkening your door again. Ps apparently the truck broke down - a likely story!"

TONY T says

"Useless. Been online shopping for groceries with sainsburys for years, during covid, useless. Tescos always deliver a better service."

James Franklin says

"Terrible, rude or indifferent staff, certainly in Littlemore and Swindon. Often unhelpful, terrible management, putting 17/18 years olds on the main doors to deal with frustrated customers. Security staff who lie, who are rude to people, call them scum, and then claiming they said it because the person they were dealing with was clearly a racist, yet the only ignorant or rude comments were heard to come from the Security staff and then a manager who defended them. I have made the decision, after being a customer for more than 40 years, to not shop in Sainsbury's unless it is an emergency. This is a shame, they used to be the best retailer out there, but a large number of staff are rude, appear depressed, are unhelpful and indifferent....the except being the younger generation, who are often only too willing to help - which is a breath of fresh air considering the bad press youngsters often get. Pick up your socks Sainsbury's, sort your staff out...unhappy staff are borne of poor management and poor leadership at the local level - I have never been treated so poorly as in a Sainsbury's."

Mrs Karen Hennessy says

"Right. What did I do wrong Sainsbury’s? This was in my shopping. I’m not sure how I make Cauliflower cheese for two, I guess l could play tennis with it?"

Jean Wright says

"Excellent service from delivery drivers, good substitutions. But, very short shelf life, two weeks running I have out of date fresh produce and short life on other fridge produce. I live alone and can only eat so much in one day!! so when the life of the majority of fresh produce is one or two days, it means a lot of wasted food and money of course."

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